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Bunded Fuel Stations

Turners Fabrications can supply a comprehensive range of Bunded Diesel Fuel Tanks. Our fuel storage tanks are designed for the storage and dispensing of heating oils, kerosene, diesel oils, gas oils, lubricant oils, hydraulic oils, engine oils and waste oils.

Here at Turners we only design and manufacture high quality steel bunded oil tanks and are also suppliers for plastic bunded oil tanks. Our Sales & Technical team is always available to advise and assist you in making that all important decision as to which product best suits your exact needs and requirement.

We will always provide you with the right product at the best price, and make sure that your fuel storage solutions comply with all relevant legislation.

Bunded Tanks

Bunds are also referred to as “secondary containment systems” and defined as: an area around a tank or drum designed to contain any loss of contents; preventing it from escaping from the place where it is stored and polluting the environment. Bunds must be capable of holding a minimum of 110% of the contents being stored in the primary container and built from material that is impermeable to the Oil / liquid being stored. They must also have no direct outlet which will allow them to discharge into any drain, sewer or watercourse. Open bunds should also take into account the effects of wind (free boarding) in addition to the 110%. An important thing to note is: if you have more than one primary tank (multi compartment tanks) within the same bund, the bund must be capable of storing 110% of the largest container or 25% of the total capacity, whichever is the greater.

Our Bunded Diesel & Oil Tanks are manufactured with bunds that can contain a minimum of 110% of the volume being stored within the primary tank (100% for the contents plus 10% which accommodates overfilling of the primary tank) in-line with the Pollution Prevention Guidelines, PPG2.

Our primary tanks are connected to the bund in such a way that should the primary container be overfilled the excess liquid is funneled directly into the bund eliminating contamination of the surrounding area. Our bunds have been designed so as to prevent any ingress of rain water and debris that can be a problem in conventional open bunds and drip trays eliminating the need to take into account the effects of rain and wind. We also fit a bund vent that vents the bund to the atmosphere which prevents the bund from damage that would otherwise be caused when filling or discharging liquids from the primary container.

We fit all our bunds with a top suction point which allows a pump to be fitted, enabling controlled and safe removal of any contents in accordance with the “Waste Management licensing Regulations”.

Bunded Diesel Fuel Tanks available

Steel Bunded Tanks

Turners Fabrications Ltd design and manufacture a wide range of all-steel construction, bulk fuel oil storage tanks with capacities up to 60,000ltrs as standard. Bespoke Steel Bunded Tanks – Turners Fabrications Ltd are able to design and manufacture steel tanks to suit your exact requirements both dimensionally and legislatively.

Plastic Bunded Tanks

We are now agents for the Harlequin range of plastic vertical and horizontal HQi bunded fuel tanks and bunded fuel stations with capacities from 333ltrs – 3,300ltrs.

Turners Fabrications Ltd offer a full warranty on all bunded tanks and accessories manufactured and supplied.

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