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Heating Oil Tanks

If you’re looking for a safe way to store your oil, bunded heating oil tanks are fast becoming the accepted means to do so. They are quickly replacing their traditional, single shell counterparts for their great value, high safety and general efficiency.

Whether you’re looking to improve your home heating system or upgrade a larger industrial project, bunded tanks have plenty to offer. Not sure where to start? Here’s a quick run-down one everything you need to know.

What Is A Bunded Heating Oil Tank?

In short, a bunded heating oil tank is a storage solution for oil that has already taken the combustible nature of the material into account. Other tanks often do not, so as a safety precaution they must be kept clear of any flammable objects. Often, a specific structure is designed to house the tank, known as a bunding wall.

A bunded tank, then, already has this within its main design. These tanks essential have two skins. The oil is stored in the first compartment, while the second, outer shell serves to catch anything should there be any leaks, overflow or damage.

What Are These Tanks Used For?

Bunded tanks can be used in a variety of situations, especially since they come in a broad range of sizes. The smallest start at a storage capacity of 333 litres, with the larger options storing over 3,000. So, whether there is a property or development that requires oil, these tanks can likely serve a purpose.

Homes and other residential properties can make advantage of these smaller options, to provide oil for their central heating systems. A bunded tank reduces the space requirements, as the excessive bunding wall isn’t required.

Likewise, the larger tanks can be useful in large commercial or industrial situations. The bunding serves as a valuable safety feature, ensuring that such large quantities of flammable materials are not left exposed.

Where Should You Keep Your Tank?

Bunded oil tanks, while a safe option, should still be kept with a degree of caution. Of course, it also needs to be accessible, so that it can be refilled with ease.

In many homes, these can easily be set-up outside, to the side of the home or in their own sectioned area. Close proximity to the home ensures that the pipe connections are easy to install and the bunded nature of these storage containers provides a high degree of safety.

However, it is often best to place these containers on flat, even ground. Rather than grass or natural terrain, it is best to use concrete, paving or something firm and solid. The ground should be able to support the weight of a full oil tank and a flat, clear surface will also make installation – as well as refilling and any possible removal – much easier.

As you can see, these bunded options offer a very efficient solution. By bringing their own safety features, these tanks remove the need for bunding walls and allow a more effective way to store oil on any scale.

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