Plastic Oil Tanks

Integrally bunded Plastic oil tanks are widely used for home heating oil as they require less maintenance, do not rust or condensate and are much lighter than their steel counterparts. Due to their light weight they are much easier to manoeuvre into place. Plastic bunded tanks are available in various capacities the most popular being between 1000 and 2500ltrs.

Plastic tanks that are manufactured in the UK and Ireland are generally rotationally moulded. During the moulding process a heated mould containing powdered plastic is slowly rotated bi-axially. To ensure the quality of the finished product only virgin plastic is used. Once the tank has been formed and cooled it is removed from the mould as an un-punctured membrane then all the relevant holes are machined in. The bund and lid are also moulded in one piece and later cut to provide the bund and bund lid. Plastic tanks should be manufactured in accordance with OFS T100.

Turners Fabrications Ltd are stockists and suppliers of Harlequin Plastic Oil Tanks. Our range of Harlequin tanks includes HQI for heating oils and Bunded Fuel stations with capacities ranging from 333ltrs – 5042ltrs. They have been manufactured using premium grade, oil resistant Medium Density Polyethylene ensuring their quality and compliance with OFS T100 regulations. The Harlequin range also complies with PPG2 and BS799 part 5.

Harlequin Plastic Oil Tanks are suitable for storage of heating oil’s and are equally suitable home and industrial use.

Harlequin Bunded Fuel Stations provide forecourt style refueling convenience and are designed specifically for industrial, agricultural and commercial diesel users.

Transfuel Bunded Portable Diesel Tanks are plastic-on-plastic and fully comply with both UNADR and Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) Regulations 2001 (England & Wales).  These portable diesel tanks enable you to transport 430ltrs of fuel safely and legally on site allowing you to dispense fuel from static locations without the need for additional bunding & spill trays. Also, transporting fuel this way saves time and money as there’s no need to take your vehicle back to a refuelling station. With these portable plastic oil tanks no vehicle modification is needed and specialist driver qualifications are not required. Please note: all drivers must, however, carry a 2kg fire extinguisher – this is in line with ADR regulations.

Our sales & Technical team are always on hand to help you to decide which plastic oil tank will best suit your needs and requirements.

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